Thief kills 19-year-old cashier at Burger King in Harlem

Kristal Bayron-Nieves, the 19-year-old cashier at a Burger King in East Harlmen, was shot dead by a thief, the New York Police Department reported.

The subject broke into the 24-hour branch of the fast food chain on East 116th Street shortly before one in the morning this Sunday, where he demanded money.

Before, the armed subject hit a customer with his pistol and punched the branch manager; then he fired the gun and the bullet hit the young cashier directly in the chest.

The police are investigating the fatal robbery, as the subject managed to escape from the crime scene.

Even if Paramedics took Bayron-Nieves to the Metropolitan Hospital and could not save her.

The young woman lived a few blocks from Burger King, the NYPD said.

The thief managed to take an unknown amount of money from the establishment and the Police began their hunt, but so far there are no leads.

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