Thief tries to rob a grandmother’s house in Yucatan and is arrested with bats

A young man managed to foil a robbery at his Granny in Yucatan, after he discovered a thief trying to get in

According to what could be found out, a man known as ‘Balardi’ tried to enter the home of an elderly woman in the municipality of Ticul.

The subject tried to get through the roof of the house, so he was seen by the local residents, who undertook the pursuit of the subject.

the alleged thief climbed on the roof of the house in broad daylight to try to avoid justice of the neighbors, however, was arrested by the woman’s grandson.

The neighbors notified the authorities, so elements of the Municipal Police appeared at the scene, who began to persecute the subject.

When he was cornered, he decided to go down and flee, but the woman’s grandson was already waiting for him with a bat.

They arrest a thief with bats

The subject climbed on the roof to avoid the action of justice.

The alleged robber was received with a hit, which left him dazed and that is how elements of the Police managed to stop him.

Like this subject, two lovers of other people’s things were arrested on the afternoon of this Wednesday, January 12, after a woman surprised them stealing from their parents’ house.

It is worth mentioning that these two thieves attacked the woman as soon as she discovered them so that they could flee. Similarly, it was reported that these two subjects attacked the police officers who arrested them with stones.

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