Thieves steal toys from a foundation that would deliver them to children in hospitals

The Christmas season is already around the corner, and it is one of the favorite dates of children, as they receive all kinds of gifts and toys by their loved ones, although unfortunately not all children can enjoy this, so a foundation was commissioned to do this task.

In a crime that was considered by many to be heartless, a group of criminals decided to raid the facilities of a NGO dedicated to distributing toys to children in hospitals, taking all the items they had collected, leaving great pain for the organizers, who will now have to start from scratch.

The Organization Dar Sonrisas reported through its Instagram account in a regrettable fact, where the lovers of other people’s things decided to steal all the toys that were destined for children admitted to hospitals in Argentina.

Thieves loot toy foundation in Argentina

The thieves took all the toys and destroyed the facilities

On November 9, members of ‘Give smiles‘, they reported on social networks the theft of all the toys they had collected for children in hospitals, which would be delivered at Christmas to be able to brighten their day during the holidays.

In addition to the theft of the toys intended for children, the criminals caused damage to the facilities, so it was suspected that their intention was undoubtedly quite cruel and it was even said that it could have been planned, so after the report to the authorities Investigations were started to find those responsible for the incident.

NGO starts new toy collection

We inform you in The Truth News that despite the crime of which they were victims, the organization announced that it would initiate a new collection to be able to reach the established goal and to be able to give joy to the children in the hospital as they have done since 2013 when the NGO was founded by Lucila Reynal O’Connor.

Likewise, the organization announced that it would accept all kinds of support to recover toys that are suitable for children from six months to 16 years old, as they hope that the Argentine population will not forget altruism despite the pandemic and that the goal can be reached.

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