Third AMLO Government Report: Mexico will emerge from the economic crisis

During the speech of the Third AMLO Government ReportThe president specified the terms regarding the economic crisis, indicating that our country will leave soon because it does not get into debt.

Before thousands of attendees Zócalo Capitalino, the president spoke about the economic recovery of Mexico after the two years that the world has been hit by the pandemic of COVID-19.

In addition, he assured that by 2022 there will be an increase in social programs, in addition to starting vaccination with the homeland vaccine, which was developed in our country.

Mexico will emerge from the economic crisis because we do not get into debt: AMLO

Mexico will emerge from the economic crisis because we do not get into debt: AMLO

During the session of his third government report, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He indicated that unlike other countries, Mexico will be able to recover from the economic crisis more easily.

“Mexico will soon come out of the economic crisis caused by the health emergency caused by COVID-19, because we do not get into debt as it happened in other countries.”

In this sense, the president assured that it will be possible to move forward in economic matter Due to the collection of income, which will make finances healthy and can be used in charitable projects for the population.

Regarding mega projects, Obrador assured that the Mayan Train, the Dos Boca refinerys, as well as the Santa Lucia airport, will bring enormous economic benefits to society.

Touching this point, he indicated that foreign investment is being received like never before, “we are the main partner of the US.”

Regarding the remittances that countrymen send to their families, they will reach a record number, estimating the amount of 50 billion dollars.

Third AMLO Government Report live

East December 1, 2021 It is three years since Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) six-year term, so in AmericanPost.News We share the highlights of the Third Government Report.

The Third AMLO Government Report It was held on the grid of the Zócalo Capitalino, where in addition to giving his speech, a large number of people could be seen with messages of support for the president.

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