This costs the exclusive Gucci and Balenciaga bag that Yalitza Aparicio showed off in Dubai

Mexican actress and activist Yalitza Aparicio has become a fashion icon after being endorsed by the best brands in the world, such as Cartier, of which she is an ambassador, and Dior, Prada, Gucci, among others. This has caused quite a stir, as she has been seen with the most expensive outfits and accessories, as it happened recently.

The star of Roma, the acclaimed film by Alfonso Cuaron, surprised again with new photos of her trip to Dubai, where she looks very elegant in a pink long-sleeved button-down shirt, high-waisted black dress pants, and heels.

But it was not only Yalitza’s great look that stole everyone’s attention but the expensive accessory that accompanied it; a handbag signed by Gucci and Balenciaga, two of the most important fashion brands in the world.

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And it is not just any bag. It is an exclusive collaboration of the brands with limited pieces and very difficult to get, but what is this for Yalitza? One of Mexico’s fashion icons is sweeping and pushing aside other celebrities.

How much does Yalitza Aparicio’s Gucci-Balenciaga bag cost?

A detail that has caught everyone’s attention is the cost of Yalitza Aparicio’s Gucci-Balenciaga bag, as it has a value of no more and no less than 550 euros, equivalent to 585 USD, a price that not everyone can afford.

This costs the exclusive Gucci and Balenciaga bag that Yalitza Aparicio showed off in Dubai

This peculiar accessory of the artist has been used by great figures in the world of show business, such as Kim Kardashian, the socialite, and businesswoman of one of the most important families in the world.

Yalitza Aparicio has been harshly criticized for showing off the best fashion garments. However, she is neither here nor there and has made it clear several times.