This funny movie on Netflix is ​​among the most viewed

The streaming platform has announced the premieres of each week in June, since entertaining titles have been added to the catalog, but in AmericanPost.News we let you know what is the movie on netflix which premiered on June 24 and has been placed as one of the most viewed.

Last weekend a fun action movie hit the platform with a great cast, featuring Ellen Barki, Lela Loren, Kaley Cuoco, kevin hart, Woody HarrelsonPierson Fode, Jasmine Mathews and Jencarlos Canela, directed by Patrick Hughes.

And it is that, the film “The man from Toronto”is one of the premieres of the platform in the month of June, because just a few days after the premiere it appears in the platform’s trends, it is also ranked number one of the 10 most popular films in Mexico today June 27 .

What is the movie on Netflix about?

The action comedy film is about the life of Teddy, who uploads videos to social networks, but faces the dismissal of his job, but despite the adversities, the only thing that comforts him is his wife, but something unexpected happens in the his wife’s birthday.

And it is that, Teddy gets confused about the address due to a printer error and goes to a cabin where a mysterious man was, a hitman, so both must learn to get along and be able to free themselves from the problem that caused that confusion.

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What movies are premiering today on Netflix?

the streaming platform

Users have questioned that it premieres today, Monday, June 27, because at the moment no new movies are released today on the Netflix streaming platform, but an animated children’s production entitled “Chip and Potato: the Chip’s vacation.

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