This is Dan Schneider, producer accused of abusing Nickelodeon stars

After it was leaked that the child star Jennette mccurdy publicly denounced, in his book that is about to be released (August 9) I’m Glad My Mom Died, Nickelodeon for silencing the alleged abuses that were experienced within Dan Schneider’s productions, Internet users revived some of the accusations against the producer.

Jennette McCurdy denounced that the company Nickelodeon, which not only creates children’s content and therefore works with minors, also has theme parks and awards prizes, would have offered her $300,000 when the contract ended, to prevent her from talking about what she lived inside from the filming of series such as iCarly and Sam & Cat.

This is because she would not only have received inappropriate comments from a man called ‘The Created’, but also massages and would have forced her to drink alcohol during the recordings, regardless of the fact that she was a minor. In the United States, the age of majority is 21 years.

This is Dan Schneider, producer accused of abusing Nickelodeon stars. Did Dan Schneider leave Nickelodeon? Nickelodeon actors interviewed

However, she would not have been the only child actress with whom the producer ‘The Created’ had inappropriate attitudes, but who is that producer? His name is Dan Schneider, who was the producer of very famous series like ‘All That’, ‘Drake and Josh’, ‘Kendall and Ken’, and ‘Victorious’.

Although it was in 2018 when the complaints against Dan Schneider began to gain strength, they began in 2013, where he was accused of having behavior that was inappropriate for working with minors and young people, although one of the most famous was that of Amanda Bynes.

Did Dan Schneider Quit Nickelodeon?

Did Dan Schneider Quit Nickelodeon? Nickelodeon actors interviewed

Dan Schneider stopped working for Nickelodeon in 2018 when it was suddenly announced that the producer was looking for new job challenges, although little has been left of any of his projects; Along with his dismissal, the Me Too movement began to gain strength, so there were actresses who began to denounce him.

The actress Amanda Bynes was the first to denounce Dan, through a series of tweets, where she claimed to have been sexually abused by the producer, while they were recording the series ‘The Amanda Show’, a time in which they supposedly became very The actress and the producer are close.

However, most of the accusations did not cause relevance and the young woman did not make any accusation in this regard, although later in 2014 the actress Jennette McCurdy shared a video on social networks addressed to Dan, which raised suspicions of a new alleged abuse.

Likewise, according to some media, the child actress Miranda Cosgrove, star of iCarly, tried to file a criminal complaint against Dan, but her parents, who are also lawyers, allegedly would have stopped her to prevent her from ruining her career at random. the voice against the producer with whom he began his career.

In addition to this, many Internet users have speculated that producer Dan would also have a gfetche with feet, which is why in many of the series he produced, scenes with feet could be seen, supposedly without context or need.

They even remembered that when the Sm and Cat program came out, on the official networks of the series, children’s viewers were asked to upload photos of their feet, to which many responded and shared photos on social networks.

Although that’s not all, because some people also pointed out that the actors of the iCarly programs, Sam & Cat and Victorious, would have been forced to attend barefoot parties organized by Dan.

Various videos taken up on social networks would also leave as proof that Dan caused discomfort among his actors, regardless of whether they were men or women, because between cuts the young actors could be seen being recorded by the producer, who filmed them very carefully and He made teasing comments or even scared them to see their reaction.

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Nickelodeon actors interviewed

Nickelodeon actors interviewed

For its part, an American media interviewed several collaborators of Dan, who assured that he was very insistent with the children, to allow him to give them neck massages, he sent them messages outside working hours, for which the rumor that the producer allegedly also recorded the actors in the shower and while they were changing, as he allegedly had hidden cameras.

However, during an interview Dan Schneider spoke about the alleged cases of verbal and physical harassment and abuse, where he called them ridiculous and assured that because of social networks he had to talk about it, because they can amplify any lie.

“I could not, and would not have the long-term friendships and continued loyalty of so many respectable people, if I had mistreated my actors of any age, especially minors,” he said at the time.

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