“This is going to hurt…”: Ivana tried to get Donald Trump to stop the assault on the Capitol

Ivana Trump warned her ex-husband that the assault on the Capitol would “hurt” him – Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images.

After Ivana Trump’s death, little-known information has come to light. Like, for example, the one offered by a source close to The Post about the role that the former model played while the businessman and politician, Donald Trump, was in charge of the United States.

According to the unnamed source, Ivana was a key adviser to the former American president.

“She talked to him all the time on the phone,” the informant pointed out.

The source also said that when Donald Trump’s supporters broke into the headquarters of Congress, violating security and occupying parts of the building for several hours, she called him to ask him to stop the catastrophe.

She was very upset about January 6th. She begged him to go on national television to stop this nonsense and tell them to stop it. But he didn’t listen to her,” said the same source.

Ivana Trump, according to the informant, not only called him to warn him about the consequences, but she did so several times.

“She called him a million times (she told him) ‘this is going to hurt…’ but she told me ‘he didn’t listen to me’,” detailed the person close to Ivana about the talk they had one day about the assault on the Capitol.

This is the first time that it has come to light that Donald Trump’s ex-wife did try to interfere in a revolt that, to date, remains in history books as an important issue in the country’s politics.

Days ago, it was announced that the former president knew that his followers who attended a rally on January 6, 2021, could be armed. Still, instead of worrying, he asked that the metal detectors be removed. In addition, he said that they were not there to harm.

“I heard the president say, ‘I don’t care if they have guns. They are not here to harm me. Remove the detectors. Let my people in, you can march to the Capitol from here. Let people in, take away the F***ing detectors,” revealed Cassidy Hutchinson, assistant to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.