This is how a foreigner reacted when he saw a public telephone in CDMX

A video shared on TikTok is conquering users, because this shows the unexpected reaction of a foreigner when meeting a Public phone in his walk through the streets of Mexico City.

The clip was shared by an English teacher who calls himself CDMX Review on that platform, in which he explains how the booths work, which he described as a “treasure”, as we remember that they were replaced with the arrival of mobile phones.

The video from abroad became as viral as the tiktok of the Mexican who boasted how she lives in Canada with a salary as a delivery person, which she said is more than practicing her profession as a teacher.

This was the reaction from the foreigner

The user’s reaction went viral. They were replaced with the arrival of cell phones.

The user CDMX Review, who said he was an English teacher in Mexico, is dedicated to walking the main streets of Mexico City in search of curiosities and talking about everything that catches his attention, such as the phone booth.

In the short video, the foreigner explained how the Telmex booths worked, which are still found in various streets of the capital despite the fact that they no longer offer service. “This is a living treasure in Mexico City. My first year in Mexico City, I bought cards and came to these boxes and put the card in and it cost one peso per minute ”, detailed the tiktoker.

Hi, this is Steve. Can I speak to Carlos Slim, please? ”The user joked, pointing out that he was in Polanco, near the Soumaya Museum when he found the phone. Check out the full video here.

What is the public telephone service?

They were replaced with the arrival of cell phones.

Teleservices are those that provide in themselves the complete capacity for communication between users, including the functions of the terminal equipment. These include both fixed and mobile telephony and cellular mobile services.

In the case of Mexico, public telephones were replaced with the arrival of cell phones, however, it is very common to find these devices on the streets because until a few years ago they still provided service.

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