This is how Alicia Machado won the way to the final in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ on Telemundo

Alicia Machado has been one of the most controversial participants of “The House of the Famous“. The former Miss Universe has not been a piece of furniture at all on the Telemundo reality show, a term used to describe some of the participants who do not do much inside the house.

Days before the grand finale and with one more elimination, the game is rougher than ever. This week, there will not be a leader of the house and the leader’s room has been closed. What if there was a test to determine the first finalist of the season, since this winner would have immunity in the next nominations?

With a fairly hampered game, the inhabitants would have a keypad in front of them where they would have to choose a color. The color corresponded to different figures on a giant screen in front of them. In each round, each contestant would have to determine which figure had the largest area.

At the beginning, the keypad did not work or the participants did not know how to use it. But round by round, a participant was eliminated. In the end there were Gisella Aboumrad and Alicia. A first attempt was frustrating because, again, the mechanics behind the keypad did not work as it should.

However, on the second try, Alice pressed the blue button, the correct color of the larger figure. This is how Alicia became the first runner-up on the show. Machado could finally breath, and she shared her happiness and her triumph to her daughter, her mother, and her father who sees her from heaven.

The only contestant who was genuinely excited about Alicia’s win was Manelyk González. The others did not look very happy since they are at risk of being nominated and being eliminated next Monday.

Alicia would no longer have to worry about nominations as she has immunity. The other participants will nominate on Thursday and those who are nominated will be at the mercy of the public’s votes. On Monday, November 8, the last inhabitant will leave, and will stay a week before the grand final.

Relive here the triumph of Alicia Machado!

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