This is how Amparín Serrano went through Flans, why did he leave?

After announcing the unfortunate death of the singer and businesswoman Amparin Serranosocial networks were surprised to reveal that he was also part of the group Custardhowever it was little substance that really little is known about it.

The graphic designer who created the brand distributorreally stood out more for the facet of a businesswoman by potentiating the brand that the cartoons allowed her, which gave her an invaluable heritage for her family.

That is why in AmericanPost.News We tell you who Amparo Serrano really was and what her role was within the Flans Group, where colleagues like Ilse Olivo They said goodbye to her in an emotional way.

His fleeting passage through the Flans group

His fleeting time in the Flans group. Who was Amparín Serrano?

At the beginning of the 80’s was part of Yvonne Y mimi from a girl’s program that was dedicated to recreating musical scenes, the same from which it also came Fernanda that years later he would found the group Pandora.

Mildred Villafañe, who was responsible for the creation of the group at that time, had the brilliant idea of ​​forming the trio and catapulting it by recording an album for them, however she decided to run Amparo Serrano of the same Well, he did not intend to leave his studies and go to Europe to record.

Last year in an exclusive interview for Maria Patricia CastanedaThe businesswoman explained how painful it was that she was removed from the group, however, she understood the reasons because she was really very young.

“Recently (Mildred), she invited me to eat and I understood her part, we were very young, I was 18 years old and she was 24. She did hit me a lot (being run), in and of itself I am not someone who has very high esteem and lowered to zero for really very bad,” he recalled.

After her departure from the Amparo project, she continued trying to venture into entertainment, however, after not having any success, she decided to dedicate herself fully to the profession of graphic designer where she would later have international recognition.

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Who was Amparín Serrano?

Who was Amparín Serrano?

Entrepreneur and designer died at age 57, known mostly in the business world for creating the brand distributorresponsible for the drawings on the Virgencita, which were a phenomenon in the market.

According to the latest investigations and thanks to social networks, it was learned that the famous woman died after falling at home from an armchair she had, being attached to the wall at a height of more than 6 meters.

Amparin Serrano He had two daughters: Camila and Minnie, the latter is the current girlfriend of Nachito Peregrín, Belinda’s brother.

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