This is how Anahí looks in her role as Mía Colucci 17 years after the premiere of RBD

The next January 5, 2022, the streaming platform Netflix will premiere a remake of the youth soap opera Rebel; this production stars actors such as Sergio Mayer Mori, Azul Guaita, Jeronimo Cantillo, Andrea Chaparro, Giovanna Grigio, Franco Masini, Lizeth Selene and Alejandro Puente.

However, the RBD original soap opera was broadcast back then Stars channel from 2004 to 2006 and was produced by Pedro Damián.

This day and after 17 years of the premiere of that telenovela, one of the original actresses was re-characterized as her character and danced for a few seconds on TikTok, it was about Anahí Puente Portillo, who gave life to Mía Colucci.

Anahí looked like Mía Colucci again (Photo: Instagram / @ anahi)

The highlight of the short recordings was that Anahí danced to the rhythm of One for each other and Our love, characteristic songs of Rebel. It should be noted that both videos so far collected around 70,000 “likes” within this social network.

Anahí was seen with a green screen in the background; However, in the description of her Tik Toks, the actress limited herself to writing “I’m back”; but he did not specify if he was participating in a promo for the remake or had decided to revive the nostalgia for his collaboration with Moderatto in which he will also sing Behind me, another of the emblematic themes of RBD.

Anahí announced her return with Moderatto Photo: Twitter / @ Anahi
Anahí announced her return with Moderatto Photo: Twitter / @ Anahi

RBD fans did not miss an opportunity to gladly signal the return of the teenage character and filled the comment box with messages such as “Wow! Mia Colucci ”, “You will always be our eternal Mía Colucci, you are intact”, “The princess of Latin pop returned” and even “I pray to you.”

On the other hand, a user pointed out that Anahí appeared with “The little star on the forehead”, characteristic element of her character Mía Colucci.

Her outfit also revived nostalgia, as Anahí wore the clothing typical of the fashion that characterized the beginning of the 2000s; within RBD, this style of dress was also present in actors such as Christopher Uckermann (Diego Bustamante), Sweet Maria (Roberta Pardo), Alfonso Herrera (Miguel Arango), Cristian Chavez (Giovanni Méndez), Beatriz Shantal (Paula) and Maite Perroni (Lupita Fernández).

They were part of the original cast (Photo: Televisa)

The outfit consisted of long boots, fishnet stockings, a mini skirt at the hip in black, which was decorated with feathers in the same tone and shiny chains. In addition, Anahí wore an olive green top, a white wristband and three necklaces, one green, one white, and one with spikes.

It is unknown if the remake will follow the original story or will have changes, but since the first promotional posters and the advance of your first topic, most of the fans reacted badly, because this new generation is very different from the first, in addition to the changes that there will be in the characters were noticed.

Netflix rebel
This is the cast of Rebelde on Netflix (Photo: Intagram / @ soyrebeldenetflix)

Even though the new reboot has caused the annoyance of some fans, a few weeks ago another of the actresses, that is, Sweet Maria commented that he sees this project as a tribute to RBD.

“(It makes me) like a lot of nostalgia. Finally it is like a tribute and we always have to wish them the best because we ourselves, that is Rebel, it was a remake of Rebel way” , commented the actress before the cameras the morning program Today.

On November 8, after the death of Enrique Rocha, one of the most iconic soap opera villains, some of the protagonists of Rebel (2004) reacted and fired the actor through their social networks,


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