This is how Angelique Boyer danced in a bikini for her followers on Instagram

Angelique Boyer was able to make a solid artistic careerthanks to her work as an actress in different professional projects in which she has stood out for her beauty and talent.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many artistic projects came to be canceledbut in the case of the actress the opposite happened, even in an interview she revealed that these years is when more work has come to have.

Even at the beginning of the year, the actress surprised his followers when he appeared with a radical change of look like never before and with a dark color

Angelique Boyer dancing in a bikini

It was through your Instagram accountthat Angelique posted a video in which was seen with a two-piece mini bikiniwhite with a print and a blanket that was put on top.

In the recording, the actress appears showing the ‘great body’ that it has been able to maintain thanks to the Workout routines and its Feeding Habits who practices

As proof of them are the publications he makes actress Angelique Boyer in their social networks and in which we enjoy seeing how the actress share your charisma and beauty to your followers.

“Friday with V from Let’s go to the beach!” he wrote her in the post.

Reaction of his followers

She currently maintains a seven-year relationship with actor Sebastián Rulli

In the publication, her fans sent their expressions of affection and compliments to the artist: “You want to kill me with love”, “miss you”, “Friend you are the most beautiful”, “you are divine”, “you are the prettiest”are some of those that can be read.

Apparently Angelique decided to take her bags and enjoy a few days at the beach, probably next to Sebastian Rulliwith whom already he has been seen practicing more than once a bit of surfing.

The couple currently has seven years of relationship and they are one of the couples more stable in the world of international entertainment.

The Argentine actor always shares photos with emotional messages dedicated to Angelique Boyer, showing all the love and respect he feels for his girlfriend.