This is how Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral celebrated their wedding

After much speculation, Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral got married and used their social media accounts to share details of the celebration, which ended with a pool party.

On June 10, Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral got married and the first to show the details of their ceremony was the Dominican rapper and singer, who expressed her love and gratitude to Anuel AA, as we have let you know on AmericanPost.News.

Later, Anuel AA published the exact moment where they were declared husband and wife, which generated hundreds of reactions on social networks.

Anuel and Yailin got married

Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral got married civilly

After the publication of the celebrities on their social networks, the fans were aware of the details of their ceremony, which generated great surprise.

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One of the close friends of reggaeton Yailin La Más Viral showed that they were celebrating the ceremony, at a pool party.

Although hours later, Yailin La Más Viral published a story on Instagram, an image with emojis of ambulances and medicines, although she did not give further details.

Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral

The singer Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral formalized their relationship officially at the beginning of 2022, which generated much criticism on social networks.

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Let’s remember that Anuel AA had a very media relationship with Karol G for three years and after their breakup there were even rumors about a possible infidelity.

After announcing their wedding, Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral received hundreds of comments and likes on their posts.