This is how beautiful Lyn May was in the best years of her career

Mexico.- The Mexican singer and vedette Lyn May Through her official Instagram profile, she recalled those days she had full of beauty during the best years of her career, before undergoing cosmetic procedures that changed her forever.

A recent post by Lyn on her Instagram showed how beautiful she looked the vedette of Chinese descent when she was the sensation in the world of entertainment and many men and women who were amazed at her, not only for her beauty, but also for her personality and that impactful physique.

In this photograph you can see Lyn May when she was young wearing curves and heart attack attributes in a flirty outfit white with crystals and details of rhinestones in silver, showing off a unique beauty with which it swept the world of entertainment.

This is how beautiful Lyn May was in the best years of her career

Thousands of people spoke about it, sending the beloved vedette compliments and comments full of support remembering her golden age, when everyone wanted her to participate in important projects of those years, managing to succeed in the well-known file film.

Once again, Lyn May makes it clear that she was the queen during her younger years and everyone dreamed of her, as she has commented in recent years during some interviews, which have gone viral due to the controversial statements she makes about his life.

the acapulcan Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, better known as Lyn May, was one of the most important icons in Mexico during her youth, being one of the most successful vedettes of her time and one of the most sought after.

Today, at his almost 70 years, the movie star is still a celebrity and is still in force in the entertainment world, showing how well he has managed to preserve himself and all the energy he has to continue working and offering his exotic shows.

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