This is how beautiful Pati Chapoy looked before arriving at Ventaneando

Pati chapoy She is one of the most iconic presenters in Mexico, she is considered the “queen of the show”, but for her journalistic work.

Even the presenter herself has recognized that she is worth more for what she is silent than for what she says, revealing that several celebrities trust her, and have respect for her.

However, before his work on Aztec TV where he has been for more than 25 years and which by the way recently spoke of his successor in the program, he had a previous career, and even looked like a magazine model.

What did Pati Chapoy look like?

Pati Chapoy worked for magazines Paty Chapoy has a meditative side

A magazine clipping has gone viral on social networks, where the leader is seen as a supermodel, with an envious body, short hair, and posing in different dresses.

And is that the famous worked in the magazine “Design “,” Content “, and” Vanities”, Just to mention some of the projects he carried out.

She spent many years in the written press, before being the host of television programs, and being the respected journalist who today has more than 220,000 followers on her official Instagram account.

Pati Chapoy and her “yogi” side

Paty Chapoy has a meditative side

One of the faces that few know of Pati Chapoy is her “yogi” side that is to say, fond of yoga and meditation.

The first to reveal this facet of the host was the singer Yuridia, who assured that the presenter usually goes to Tibet to meditate.

In fact, on his recent visit to the Golden Scorpion, delved into how the meditations and trips he makes to Tibet are, one of his greatest passions being meditation.

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