This is how Chayanne’s daughter reacted after Lele Pons received a ring

Singer Lele Pons rocked social media after guaynana he proposed to her in the middle of the show in Tomorrowland in Belgiumso her cousin Isadora Figueroa, the beautiful daughter of Chayan He also celebrated the proposal that his cousin received.

And it is that, during the show last weekend, Lele’s boyfriend told the Venezuelan: “This is my beautiful girlfriend Lele Pons, I want to ask her a question, I know how much this means to you and I know how much you like Tomorrowland, will you marry me?

In the entertainment news we let you know what that magical moment was like that the singer lived, who has used her Instagram stories to share how her family and friends have reacted to the news of an upcoming wedding.

Chayanne’s daughter was moved by Lele Pons

The singer congratulated his niece Isadora Figueroa is happy for her cousin The singer returned to music this 2022

The news of her engagement has moved the Venezuelan family, so her cousin Isadora turned to her social networks to share her excitement for her cousin, who has shown off the beautiful engagement ring.

Isadora Figueroa is happy for her cousin The singer returned to music in 2022

In that publication he commented the following: “Two of the people I love the most are getting married. I’m bursting with happiness, wow, wow, wow, wow, I love them.” Isadora commented. Similarly, the singer also showed his emotion for his niece.

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What was the last song Chayanne released?

The singer returned to music this 2022

Users have wondered what the singer Chayanne’s last song was, because it was last June that he announced his return to music with a new song called “I love you and period”, so we let you know in AmericanPost.News.

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