This is how El Capi Pérez reacted after losing in Quiero Cantar

The “Capi” Pérez assured that “he gave everything” (Photo: Instagram / @ elcapiperez)

The Cap Pérez reached the end of I want to sing, a contest created by the morning of Aztec TV Come the joy. The comedian who is currently also participating in the third season of LOL: The One Laughing He assured that “he gave everything” but the talent of his partner Curvy zelma was superior.

“Well, this request is over, friends. It was tried, believe me it was tried. Thanks for all the support, that’s how it had to be, it’s a singing contest and Curvy sings very cabr * n, but thanks for your support race, thank you very much. I gave everything for you”, The comedian mentioned very happily on his official Instagram account.

Curvy Zelma became this Friday, December 17 in the brand new winner of the talent show I want to sing!, reality show that brought together diverse and talented competitors, who for six months they showed their talent for singing in one of the most successful TV Azteca programs.

Despite not having won, the driver of The Resolana, He was highly applauded on his social networks because his comic performances within the musical numbers managed to conquer the Mexican public.

“El Capi did not win the contest but won my heart“,” Well this was a game because it is obvious that Cap does not sing, but it is true when he says that he gave everything “,”We believe you Capi when you say you gave it allTo be a comedian, believe me you did incredible ”,“ I hope you do more seasons and you enter the show again, it would be incredible ”, they wrote on their Instagram account where they have more than 3.7 million followers.

Capi perez
El Capi Pérez for his interpretation of Frank Sinatra (Photo: Twitter / @ VengaLaAlegria).

This Friday’s broadcast began with the participation of the four semifinalists; Chef Mariano, Miguel Angel, Curvy and “El Capi”. The first eliminated was Mariano and immediately it was Miguel Ángel’s turn, finally remaining those who for weeks had seen themselves as the potential finalists of the program.

Curvy Zelma was grateful for the support received, both by the public and by the judges, who encouraged her to grow and register a continuous improvement in her development as an artist. Through tears, and wearing a spectacular outfit, The presenter said she was proud of her and of this experience that changed her forever.

Among his most controversial entries, just a few weeks ago, Carlos Alberto Pérez Ibarra, better known as “El Capi Pérez”, caused a stir in social networks after imitating the singer Nathanael Cano, one of the main exponents of Mexican regional music.

“El Capi” was characterized from head to toe as the famous singer (Photo: Instagram / @ vengalaalegriatva)

He also had the occurrence of presenting a musical number imitating the appearance of the Puerto Rican. Ricky Martin during the 90′s.

With a fairly sober white wardrobe, a blonde wig and a barely drawn padlock beard, Carlos Pérez managed to conquer by singing Night fire, snow by day, Puerto Rican song.

He also stood out during the competition bet everything in a presentation together with Melissa of the group Matisse. Together with the singer he interpreted More than you imagine, a hit of the 90s band The Sacados.

For that presentation, the host and comedian performed the verses of the song, while Melissa enlivened the choirs with her voice. In the locker room, Cap was shown with a yellow sweater and hat set. For her part, Melissa wore sober black clothes, highlighting a French-style beret, perfect for the occasion, since the song is about a couple’s estrangement in that European country.

Although El Capi Pérez did not win the singing reality competition, he obtained a large number of positive comments on social networks where his biggest fans assure that if there is another season, the comedian can now win.


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