This is how Fernández de Cevallos reacted to the demolition of the statue of AMLO

Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, former candidate for the presence of Mexico in the 1994 elections by the National Action Party (PAN) reacted on the AMLO statue, and assured that the president destroyed his statue in Atlacomulco and that he is fulfilling his commitment.

Fernández known as “The Chief Diego” He resorted to his Twitter account to criticize López Obrador and because the president’s statue was demolished and beheaded during the first minutes of the new year 2022, which is why the politician turned to social networks to talk about what happened.

In AmericanPost.News We inform you that the statue of López Obrador was knocked down just a few days after it was placed, which caused various reactions from users, but recently Fernández attacked the president of Mexico assuring that Obrador demolished it.

This is how Fernández de Cevallos reacted to the statue of AMLO

Statue of AMLO was demolished López Obrador

In the publication shared by Twitter, he commented the following: “I am sure that it was Tartufo who destroyed his statue in Atlacomulco, because he is fulfilling his commitment not to leave stone on stone.” Express. It is worth mentioning that until now it is unknown who or who were responsible for what happened.

The statue was on Isidro Fabela avenue in the central plaza of Atlacomulco. It was inaugurated on December 29, but after the statue was made known it caused a great controversy since it was placed in the municipality of Edomex considered the cradle of PRIism.

The statue was commissioned by Roberto Téllez Monroy who served as municipal mayor. The work was made by artisans from Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, had a cost of 50 thousand pesos, was built with pink quarry and was 1.80 meters high.

The idea for the work came about because the president is considered an admirable person, as stated by the former mayor during the event to unveil the statue, but on the other hand, something that caused reactions in networks was a misspelling on the plate, while opponents launched criticism against Obrador.

Similarly, Denise Dresser, as well as López-Dóriga also criticized the statue, as well as Felipe Calderón criticized Obrador and said that the statue represents the fourth stage of the PRI, as he mentioned that each stage has had a living statue of its maximum leader.

What does AMLO say about the statue?

Lopez Obrador

So far the president has not commented on what happened, since the last comment he made on social networks was on December 31 to give a message to citizens for the new year 2022, but what has happened with the statue has divided opinions.

For his part, Fernández de Cevallos assured that the AMLO statue It was demolished by President López Obrador, in the same way other politicians have commented on what happened in Atlacomulco, a few days later they threw the work in that municipality.

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