This is how impressive Adamari López’s abdomen looks after losing 20 kilos

Adamari Lopez has left her thousands of fans open-mouthed on social networks, after during the last year she has achieved an enviable figure after adopting a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise with what she has achieved lose about 20 kilograms of weight.

His biggest transformation occurred after he separated from the father of his daughter, the dancer Toni Costa. Although many claim that she Adamari underwent a surgical procedure to lose weight, the truth is that the Telemundo host looks spectacular.

Therefore, a photo of the 50-year-old Puerto Rican went viral, showing her impressive flat stomach after a big weight loss. López showed her figure wearing a daring white bikini, and appears next to another beautiful woman, both very smiling.

What did Adamari López do to lose weight?

Adamari’s body has been criticized on social media/Photo: La Razón Adamari changed radically after ending her relationship with Toni Costa/Photo: La Verdad

According to the Gossip No Like program, the actress from “Amigas y Rivales” allegedly underwent a endoscopic gastric sleeve surgerywhich permanently reduces the size of the stomach, so the patient will always have to eat smaller portions.

Being a method with which you lose weight quickly, patients are usually left with quite sagging skinjust as Adamari López‘s abdomen looks like in her photo, so there are those who claim that she did have this operation.

However, many people who lose a lot of weight also have sagging skin, and not necessarily because they’ve had surgery. In addition, this does not seem to bother the famous.

Why did Adamari López and Toni Costa separate?

Adamari changed radically after ending her relationship with Toni Costa/Photo: La Verdad

In May 2021, Adamari and Toni made their separation official after almost ten years of romance. The driver confessed that in the time they were together, the 38-year-old Spanish dancer failed him several timessomething that she was not willing to continue enduring.

During the relationship, the celebrities became parents of Alaia Costa, a girl who is currently 6 years old. In fact, Adamari López has said that one of the reasons why she lost weight is because of her daughter, to set a good example and to be healthy to be able to live a long time by his side.

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