This is how Lucía Méndez posed for Playboy magazine in her youth

Lucía Méndez is one of the beautiful Mexican actresses that this 2022 celebrates 50 years of artistic career and decided to start the celebrations remembering some of the most important moments of his walk through the medium of the show.

That is why one of the passages he recalled this weekend was when she posed for Playboy magazine in the nineties, so it surprised more than one by its overwhelming beauty.

It turns out that through her official Instagram profile, the beautiful Lucía Méndez published a video where she showed various images of the bunny magazine, including the cover, in addition, she wanted to emphasize that she was the only woman to pose with clothes for the prestigious publication.

Lucia Mendez in Playboy magazine

“My loves! Today I bring you these memories of an incredible experience. Did you know that I was the only one to pose in clothes for Playboy?

That was the text with which the beautiful Lucía Méndez accompanied her video, while in the images you can see that, in effect, Lucía Méndez posed with clothes, however, they knew how to take advantage of her beauty and the sensuality that she wastes because she wore impressive even without teaching more.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Lucía Méndez has presumed that she posed for Playboy, since a few years ago she shared some pages of the interiors of the magazine published in 1990 on her Twitter account.

What did the actress talk about in the famous magazine?

In them you can see, in addition to the photos, that the actress, model and singer took advantage of the images of “Playboy” to clarify various rumors that revolved around her person, such as the reasons for her nose job and her alleged links with the criminal organization known as “Los narcosatanicos”.

It should be noted that in her appearance in Playboy, the beautiful Lucía Méndez also spoke about her relationship with her then-husband, Pedro Torres, who is the father of her son and at that time, she said she was sure to be with a person like him because he was in charge to protect her from all the adversities she faced in her career.

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