This is how Ludwika Paleta looked in a swimsuit to launch a powerful message

The famous actress Ludwika Paletawas seen on their social networks, wearing a spectacular black swimsuitwith whom he took the opportunity to share a positive message to all his followers.

Ludwika, despite having an incredible silhouette, has always promoted the ideology of “Body Positive” and also has been a victim of eating disorders.

It is so, as we have shared with you in AmericanPost.Newsthe actress has always shown her human side on social networks, where she has even confessed the sad problems she has had with her weight throughout her youth.

Ludwika sends a powerful message in a swimsuit

Ludwika Palette has been recognized for being an artist with much personality and with a very marked philosophy.

The actress has a stance against excessive use of makeup and of the digital touch-ups in the photographs that people upload to their social networks.

Thus, Ludwika has used her Instagram account to send positive messages to your followers and now the actress has been seen his whole body without any digital retouching and in which he also took the opportunity to leave a “Body Positive” message.

“Good Morning. I have to confess that I hesitated to upload these photos. I did not want to retouch them and we are unaccustomed, or at least I am, to seeing bodies without fixing”expressed the artist wearing the spectacular swimsuit.

Ludwika clarified how proud she is of her body, and He ended with a message in invitation mode for all his followers:

“Let’s live without so many filters, please”

How did your followers react to Ludwika Paleta’s message?

He triggered a series of positive reactions with his comments

Ludwika Paleta’s post, managed to generate many reactions among his followers.

It was the same fans of the actress who they were in charge of flattering the natural beauty and they also took the opportunity to congratulate her on the important message she shared.

Among the numerous reactions, he highlighted that of actress Dominika Palettesister of the interpreter of “Moms there are only two”who told him “Come along. You are spectacular, you do not need retouching or filter”expressed the also actress.

This is not the first time that Ludwika Paleta shares his stance against the excessive use of filters or makeupbecause he considers that it is important to accept oneself as one is.

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