This is how Luis Miguel’s brother remembered Marcela Basteri for his birthday

Marcela Basteri with her children Luis Miguel and Álex

In the early hours of this December 10, Alexander Basteri, brother of Luis MiguelHe recalled with a tender photograph what would have been his mother’s 75th birthday, Marcela Basteri.

It should be noted that The Italian woman mysteriously disappeared from the lives of her three children when they were just children, although there are rumors and speculations about the supposed death and whereabouts of Marcela, the reality is that her family does not usually speak publicly about the subject, there is also no date that specifies the apparent death, nor is there evidence of his current place of residence.

Marcela Basteri was born a December 10, 1946 and on his 75th birthday, Alejandro dedicated a text to him where he thanked his mother for the teachings and affection she gave him in childhood.

(Photo: Instagram / @ abasteri)
This is the photograph with which he remembered his mother (Photo: Instagram / @ abasteri)

“A day like today the one who gave birth to a family with principles, values ​​and above all with a big heart was born! “, began in his text. Later he described his mother as a “sensitive, simple woman, who loved and had an eye and a passion for design in her being.”

In your message, the younger brother of Luis Miguel He wrote the following: “In solemn honor and I remember who deserves all my love, affection and full affection. You have always been my greatest inspiration and my best example in this life, we miss you with all our hearts! No man has become great without a touch of divine inspiration. “

The publication of Alejandro Basteri was accompanied by two photographs, in one he is with his mother and his brother Luis Miguel while the other is a collage of the few images of Marcela that remain. Your pictures put together almost 50,000 “likes” On Instagram.

(Photo: Instagram / @ abasteri)
This was the publication of Alejandro Basteri (Photo: Instagram / @ abasteri)

By the end of october, Adua Basteri, great aunt of Luis Miguel, talked about lthe last time he lived with Marcela Basteri in ItalyHe recalled how the call took place that took the mother of the “Sun” to Spain to meet Luisito Rey and revealed some future plans that his niece had in her native country.

Around the premiere of the third and final season of Luis Miguel, the series, Adua Basteri gave an interview to the program Windowing where he recalled the last contacts he had with Marcela Basteri 35 years after his mysterious disappearance, a cryptic song that was played in the singer’s bioseries, but without revealing his whereabouts.

Marcela Basteri’s aunt commented that it was not strange for her that her niece visited her family in Italy from one moment to the next, as she had already done so on other occasions. In addition, since he arrived with Sergio Basteri, then three years, He assured that he was well and explained that he had a good relationship with the father of his three children.

(Photo: File)
Marcela Basteri disappeared in August 1986 (Photo: Archive)

On the other hand, on December 2 Alexander Basteri launched its clothing line inspired by Marcela Basteri, who disappeared 35 years ago. The brother of Luis Miguel decided to pay tribute to his mother with some garments within which stand out a couple of shirts with an individual cost of up to 1,895 A thousand pesos.

The 49-year-old businessman announced the launch of his clothing line Basteri collection on his Instagram account, where he reaffirmed that the garments were created inspired by his mother and specified that, for the moment, the only means by which they can be accessed will be through the official website of the brand.


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