This is how Luz Elena González slapped a man who beat her son

Luz Elena González, 47, caused a total stir in Netas Divinas, this after confessing that on one occasion she slapped a man for hitting his son at an airport, and for those who do not know, the minor suffers from autism, so that the famous did not think twice to give her what she deserved.

And it is that the Mexican actress has said that on several occasions she has been frustrated because people do not understand her son’s disability, so she has had to face many people, because she is a very protective woman, but on that occasion she She herself assures that she was not measured, but her courage completely won over her, because she was a witness to the aggression against the young man.

Of course he hit my son so he did not realize I was behind him I turned him over and told him what you have, so he was huge and I told him in your life he did not understand why he was English so in my English I said there is a son of you so and in that impotence I did give him a spectacular novel slap thank God because I think my bile would have burst I would have ended up in the hospital I swear I would have had facial paralysis or something because there really have been moments of so much frustration and you can’t, said the artist.

After listening to the statements of Luz Elena González, the hosts of the program were surprised by how fierce she was at that time, since they thought that the outcome of the anecdote would end differently, but it was not.

Meanwhile, netizens agreed with the annoying mother and applauded her act of bravery for having faced the man who beat her son, making it clear that anyone would have done the same.

“Very well Luz Elena! This is how you defend a son !! But, the media should also talk more about this and educate the g bye, please !!; We live in a lot of ignorance !!!” it changes the children and we become more centered, more protective, more down-to-earth and more patient “,” Thank you for sharing Luz Elena your child’s story for all the moms who are going through the same thing, “write the fans.

It is worth mentioning that the television star is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the Mexican show due to her total beauty.

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