This is how Maribel Guardia looked when she was Miss Photogenic in 1978

Maribel Guardia 62 years old again, makes his fans very surprised to see the photos of the memory where you can see at a glance that nothing has changed and remains the same, proof of this was in a photo taken in 1980 where he leaves in clear why she was crowned Miss Photogenic at Miss Universe 78.

In the black and white photo you can see Maribel Guardia wearing pants and a long-sleeved blouse with which she highlighted her entire figure, which has always been one of the most praised in the world of entertainment, in addition to her long black hair it has also become his hallmark as an artist.

“Of the most beautiful women in this little piece of land, beautiful as always”, “Happy Friday, Maribel’s photo is great”, “Maribel Guardia was the fantasy of my grandfather, my father, mine and now my son”, “Here she looks 20 or 22 plus 42, so Maribel is 64 years old and is well preserved,” write the networks for the beauty of the artist.

There are those who have said, repeatedly, that Joan Sebastian’s ex-wife had all the surgery to have that goddess physique, but what few know is that her genetics, plus her love of exercise, good nutrition and other habits, They have helped her to be very well preserved in all aspects.

Another of the things for which Maribel Guardia is praised today is for her way of avoiding gossip, since much has been said about Joan Sebastian’s inheritance and that she has something to do with it, but the reality is that she always answers honestly without harming third parties.

Currently, she has been seen very focused on her work such as plays and soap operas, because as everyone knows she returns to the small screen with Corona de Lágrimas, where she makes it clear that her participation in the melodrama will give a lot to talk about.

As if that were not enough, we have seen her as a guest on various television programs, where she leaves everyone shocked with her beauty.

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