This is how Maribel Guardia looked young

Young Maribel Guardia She began her career as a model participating in the Miss Costa Rica pageant at the beginning of 1978, at the age of 19, that same year she won the title of miss photogenic in the international Miss Universe pageant based in Acapulco, Mexico.

As you know, Maribel Guardia, 62 years old He gained a large part of his popularity thanks to the excellent performance he showed in films from the record era in Mexico; among his works stand out “Fury in the blood”, “Where was the colorado” and “To be charro is to be Mexican”.

If you want to know the photos of Maribel Guardia when she was just 19 years old, then AmericanPost.News She shares her young photos and the great secret that the beautiful actress has to stay beautiful.

Photos of young Maribel Guardia

Young Maribel Guardia Beginnings Maribel Guardia

On Maribel Guardia’s instagram you can occasionally see photos of her young. The beautiful actress takes advantage of the medium to remember and share her beauty with her followers when she was just starting her career.

Young Maribel Guardia Beginnings Maribel Guardia

It was as a result of the Miss Universe contest that she won when the Mexican television company Televisa offered her a scholarship to study acting, singing and dancing at the Sergio Bustamante Academy. From there her career was on the rise, she looks at her photos:

Beginnings of Maribel Guardia

Beginnings Maribel Guardia

The beginnings of Maribel Guardia were in the theater, acting in 1980 in his first work The Knights of the Round Table. After participating in several theater plays and several movie castings, he managed to venture into the Mexican cinema of the time debuting as actress in the movie Como México no hay dos in 1981.

Maribel Guardia’s film career was on the rise since then, she once again called the attention of the Televisa company, which hired her as an exclusive artist to star in several soap operas. She also ventured into the world of music having recorded five albums in various genres and singing in palenques and various theaters in Mexico.

Beginnings Maribel Guardia

How does Maribel Guardia stay young?

The secret of the eternal youth of Maribel Guardia, despite exceeding adulthood, is her perseverance in a balanced diet and your stay in the gym. Maribel has said that she goes to the gym in the afternoon-night, she herself has pointed out that it is good to exercise before going to sleep, to tone her muscles and stay slim.

In many of the interviews she has pointed out that practicing exercise is one of the ways to stay not only fit, but also young and vital to face each day of life.

Another of Maribel Guardia’s young secrets, even though she is 62 years old, is to remove her make-up every night, leaving her skin clean so that she can breathe better. Apart from her at all times she takes care of her skin from the sun’s rays, as she assures that it is one of the causes of her aging, she always wears glasses and sunscreen, which she also applies to her rest of her body.

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