This is how Sebastián Rulli reacted when he discovered Angelique Boyer kissing Ferdinando Valencia

Despite already having more than 7 years of relationship, Sebastian Rulli and the actress Angelique boyer They are very clear that they cannot be taken for granted, because they know that they have to continue fanning the flame so that they continue to be one of the strongest couples in Hispanic entertainment.

And another of the keys to the success of this couple, which has become one of the public’s darlings, is undoubtedly trust, and this was demonstrated once again Sebastián Rulli who gave proof that he is not jealous when his girlfriend Angelique Boyer kisses another.

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Well, relationships between actors have become the daily bread in the corridors of various television stations, and have been accompanied by jealousy and insecurities, reasons why courtships sometimes fail; Nevertheless, Sebastian Rulli showed that there is no such thing in his relationship with Angelique boyer.

Ferdinando Valencia, Mexican actor, shared on his social networks a series of images in which he is seen kissing with Sebastián Rulli’s girlfriend, Angelique Boyer, a situation that could have generated discomfort, but generated a bond of companionship.

This is because, after seeing the publication of the kiss, Sebastián Rulli chose to flatter his colleague Ferdinando Valencia. “You are a chin… brotherooooo !! You embroidered Javier with a lot of love and dedication “Sebastian wrote.

It should be noted that, to accompany the images of the kiss, Ferdinando Valencia wrote a message in which he said he felt very grateful to be able to work with Sebastián Rulli, whom he admires and wishes to have more projects together.cough.

“What do you think of Renata and Javier? Personally, I see the pleasure and pride of working with someone I admire and treasure a lot, it has been many years now and I hope there will be many more next to you and my dear Güero! “Ferdinando commented.

But that was not all, since Angelique Boyer herself also reacted to the photo of the kiss and assured that she loves the characters played by her and her colleague Ferdinando Valencia. “We love. Many years of friendship and now we had to tell a story together! It was beautiful!”.

This is due to the fact that the three actors, Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Ferdinando Valencia are together in the novel “Overcome the Past”, which is part of the trilogy of the Televisa producer Rosy Ocampo ‘; “Overcome Fear”, “Overcome Heartbreak” and “Overcome the past.”