This is how Silvia Pinal’s family celebrated the Christmas holidays


Sylvia Pasquel He commented on a morning program how the Christmas holidays were lived within the Pinal family after the family matriarch, Silvia Pinal, tested positive for Covid – 19 on December 22.

Sylvia commented in an interview for the show Come the joy, that this December 24 was different from other years, because usually the whole family gathers at Silvia Pinal’s house to celebrate these dates, however, her daughter and granddaughter celebrated with her at home, while the rest of the family celebrated christmas at home Alejandra Guzman.

Despite the family celebrating the holidays separately, Sylvia revealed that it was not a sad christmas, because Silvia Pinal’s health status is stable.

(Photo: Instagram: @sylviapasqueloficial)
Sylvia Pasquel revealed that her daughter and granddaughter spent Christmas with her at home, while her brothers celebrated at Alejandra Guzmán‘s home. (Photo: Instagram: @sylviapasqueloficial)

Silvia Pinal’s daughter also faced one of the rumors circulating on social networks where it was speculated that the “Diva of Mexico” would soon leave the hospital, however, she revealed that Silvia is being transferred from the Covid intensive area of ​​the hospital to a private room in the intensive therapy area of ​​the hospital.

Previously, the entertainment journalist Maxine Woodside had revealed through her official Instagram account that the health of the golden film actress was stable and favorable.

“My dear Silvia Pinal recovered from her arrhythmia. Asymptomatic Covid”, Wrote the journalist.

File photo dated April 30, 2015, of Mexican actress Silvia Pinal during an interview with Efe, in <a class=Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Sáshenka Gutiérrez
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File photo dated April 30, 2015, of Mexican actress Silvia Pinal during an interview with Efe, in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Sáshenka Gutiérrez (Sáshenka Gutiérrez /)

Sylvia Pasquel shared a photo on Instagram with a special message dedicated to Silvia Pinal, who is still hospitalized in a private clinic in the south of Mexico City.

“This Christmas has made us reflect and realize how fortunate we are to have my mom’s presence, I want them to know that she is fine, she is calm and she is stronger than ever. We really need our Diva, but everything is going to improve and we will have it back. There is Silvia Pinal for a while, have no doubt about that! ”Pasquel wrote.

In recent days, Internet users had expressed their concern for the actress, however, after the encouraging message that Pasquel shared on Christmas Eve, the messages wishing for a speedy recovery towards the matriarch of the Pinal dynasty, have been present on social networks .

Sylvia Pasquel and Rocío Banquells
(Photo: Twitter / @ RocioBanquells)

However, a comment made by the journalist Adela Micha during the broadcast of her program “Me lo told Adela” went viral, where she asked her collaborators to put together something because the actress Silvia Pinal was already going to die.

“It doesn’t take long to die. They write me something and I record it for them. I have many interviews with her. I think he is going to die “The journalist commented in a video that has gone viral in recent days on social networks.

Sylvia Pasquel confronted the journalist, explaining what happened in an interview. “She sent me a message telling me that her words had been misinterpreted. The truth is that I didn’t even know what had happened because Adela spoke to me and interviewed me for her program, everything was very good ”.

The actress agreed to the requests of her fans to recreate the mythical scene (Photo: Instagram / @ sylviapasqueloficial)
Sylvia Pasquel confronted the journalist Adela Micha after the host’s comments assuring that Silvia Pinal “She was going to die” (Photo: Instagram / @ sylviapasqueloficial)

“After She sent me a message telling me that she was very sorry, that she had been misunderstood, that my sister Alejandra was very angry with her and I told him that I didn’t really know what he was talking about ”, assured Pasquel.

Silvia Pinal’s daughter assured that she did not know what was happening and that the situation was completely different when she spoke about her mother with Adela Micha. “They sent me the video and I forwarded it to him saying, ‘yes you passed, those comments are not worth it’, but he had already interviewed me, it was too late “, revealed the artist.


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