This is how Thalía and Laura Zapata celebrated the 104 years of their grandmother Eva Mange

Laura Zapata has been on the lookout for the health of Eva Mange, who allegedly suffered mistreatment in a nursing home (Photo: Instagram @laurazapataoficial)

Doña Eva Mange, the famous grandmother of Thalía and Laura Zapata is turning 104 This Tuesday, January 18. Her famous granddaughters did not let such a special date go unnoticed for her grandmother and both women shared congratulations on their social networks for the long-lived member of the family.

And it is that after a complicated year, in which Mrs. Eva Mange has caused concern for having been treated in a care center where She was allegedly abused and a victim of neglect, the lady was able to enjoy her birthday with a meal, a cake and congratulations from her relatives.

It was in her Instagram stories where Thalía shared with her followers that he was able to make a video call with his grandmother and sang to him the mornings, He also shared an image from a few years ago where he is seen holding hands with his grandmother.

Thalia Eva Mange
Thalía could not travel to Mexico City to celebrate her grandmother, so she connected with her by video call (Photo: Screenshot)

Tommy Mottola’s wife dedicated some moving words to Mrs. Eva Mange and wished her the best on this special date: “These are the mornings that King David sang! 104 years of life! I celebrate you and I love you my grandmother. Happy Birthday. Here the two granddaughters singing her mornings holding her hand”.

For her part, Laura Zapata shared a postcard where the lady appears with a yellow flower cake with candles and a congratulatory balloon, in addition to a plastic crown that reads ‘birthday girl‘.

The soap opera villain sang to him the mornings to his grandmother at midnight sharp, as he put it as part of a family tradition. “The first to celebrate my grandmother’s 104th birthday”

Thalia Laura Zapata Eva Mange
Zapata avoided talking about the other sisters and if they had celebrated Eva Mange (Photo: File)

Later, Laura Zapata was accompanied by elements of the press with whom she lit the candles on a cake that had the legend “congratulations, Grandma Eva” written on it and mentioned that although Eva can no longer eat any food due to her age and state of health, he was able to enjoy a plate of salmon and vegetables.

Laura said that Doña Eva has been improving her health and that the injuries she presented after being removed from the care center where she stayed for a few weeks are now minor.

“My dearest grandmother, Doña Eva Mange, reaches the age of 104 with much love for you, my friends in the press, this cake with the yellow flowers that she wanted and that she asked me for”

Eva Mange Thalia
According to Zapata, the grandmother asked her cake to have yellow flowers (Photo: Instagram)

And it is that despite the fact that Thalía and Zapata do not maintain the best of relationships, they try to be cordial for the good of their grandmother. While Thalía has lived in the United States for several years, her older sister takes care of her grandmother closely, and is the one who is most aware of her health.

It was four years ago when Thalía was able to travel to Mexico to celebrate her grandmother’s 100th birthday, to remember that detail, Laura Zapata told windowing:

“I’m going to tell the story of that cake, suddenly he knocks on the door, and then I open it and he says ‘are you still not dressed up?’ put it?’” Zapata added: “I’m going to get ready, but you come in and accommodate him and see where you can find a place for him. So yes, it was back here with those seven stories that went all the way to the ceiling.”

Eva Mange is the mother of Yolanda Miranda, mother of Thalía (Photo: Instagram thalia)
Eva Mange is the mother of Yolanda Miranda, mother of Thalía (Photo: Instagram thalia)

Eva Mange was born on January 21, 1918 in La Paz, Baja California Sur. It is known that he belongs to a large family from a popular neighborhood called “El Esterito”. Over time, she moved to Mexico City with her daughter, Yolanda Miranda; both lived in a duplex in the capital.


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