This is how the beautiful decoration of Francisca Lachapel looks on her first Christmas as a mother

The Dominican presenter Francisca lachapel, 32, will live a Christmas very special, being the the first one she will celebrate as the mother of little Gennaro Antonino.

“May God give him a lot of life and a lot of health so that this is the first of many Christmases. This Christmas has a different flavor. I am very happy because my son can experience all these kinds of things ”, shared the born, in Azua, on May 5, 1989.

Through a series of photos and videos, the collaborator of ‘Despierta América’ has shared with us details of the process of decorating your home in Florida.

His first photograph of the holiday season shows Francesco Zampogna, her husband, carrying a beautiful natural pine on his shoulders.

“Stay with whoever carries your Christmas tree like this. We already have the first Gennaro Christmas tree ”, celebrated the winner of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina‘ in 2015.

Contrary to what happened with other celebrities, who hire someone to decorate their houses, Francisca and Francesco took care of that work themselves and the result was simply fascinating.

“I decided to do it myself. There are many people who do this type of work, I respect them, they do a beautiful job and I do not rule out the possibility that, perhaps, in some year I will tell someone to come and build the tree for me, but this Christmas was very special. because it belonged to Gennaro and even though he is very young, I wanted him to see me, to see his mother and father putting up the Christmas tree and that’s how it was. It was a dream come true. I think that the joke of setting up the Christmas tree is to do it as a family and that is what we did in this house ”, Francisca was sincere.

His tree, which was placed in the living room area, was decorated with white and gold lights, with silver and gold spheres, as well as with an angel in the area of ​​the tip.

“This tree is super special because it is my son’s first Christmas tree and I wanted him to be present in the decoration,” revealed the Caribbean woman, who had some spheres made with the name of the smallest member of her family and with that of others of its members.

At the foot of the tree he put a gold colored carpet and three gift boxes that light up when connected to electricity.

There is no doubt that Francisca, who The Italian-Dominican menu that will have Christmas dinner is already being savoredShe is a great lover of this season of the year and she showed it with each ornament she put on her very beautiful tree.

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