This is how the fans of Grupo Firme left the Foro Sol screaming

In his presentation at Foro Sol Firm Group once again packed the tickets, and the fact is that the famous group from Tijuana did not skimp on the budget when it came to presenting their show for the first time in CDMX.

With various costume changes, wind music with a band and the most emblematic songs of the Regional Mexican were exposed in that presentation in the Sun Forumwhere they took the palms of gold and caused a stir.

The Grupo Firme fans left the place singing and shouting at the top of their lungs the song ‘Ya supérame’, in the images it is seen how the flock of attendees to the event leave in the middle of the night, still partying and wanting to hear more of their favorite band, which left everything on stage so that their faithful fans will get a good taste in their mouths.

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Without a doubt, Grupo Firme’s style and music continue to capture the spotlight and headlines. Is a group that in a short time has managed to take over regional Mexican music, which they have placed very high in the United States and in other parts of the world.

In the images that circulate in a YouTube video, it is reflected how well the followers of the owners of the success “Thank you” had a good time, since they are still chanting one of their favorite songs.

It is noted that they were filled with hubbub and were infected by the positive energy that the group transmitted to them on stage, they showed folkloric dances with typical costumes of Mexicohence the emotion of all those present at this great party.

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It should be noted that the group led by Eduin Caz packed three dates in the Mexican venue that received them with open arms. It is speculated that more than 180 thousand people gathered to sing and enjoy this long-awaited dance in Mexico, which had been postponed by the pandemic that stalked the world.

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