This is how the new version of Nuestro Amor sounds sung by Anahí and Moderatto

moderate Y Anahi Puente released a new version of Our loveone of the most representative songs of the telenovela RBDwhich was broadcast between 2004 and 2006 in the then Stars channel.

On her Instagram account, the actress who gave life to the iconic “Mía Colucci” described this collaboration as a tribute to the most tattooed in her heart. “Thank you @moderattomx for doing this! A tribute to the most tattooed in my heart. I say R…”.

For its part, the official account of this pop rock band replied “You rock our world” and completed the phrase that Anahí placed by writing “You say BD” . The topic Our love was first released on September 22, 2005in that year the song was performed by Sweet Maria Y Christopher Uckermann.

The actress and the band thanked each other for the collaboration (Photo: Instagram/@anahi)

Although there was no change in the lyrics of the song, Moderatto gave his characteristic sound to Our love. In the video, Anahí dressed again as “Mia Colucci” and chose a background of frozen mountains with northern lights.

The actress’s outfit consisted of long boots, fishnet stockings, a mini skirt at hip height in black, which was decorated with feathers in the same tone and shiny chains. What’s more, Anahí wore an olive green topa white wristband and three chokers, one green, one white and one with spikes.

Anahi and Moderatto -10-02-22
The collaboration between Anahí and Moderatto marked the return of the actress to the public scene (Photos: AFP // EFE)

The outfit belongs to the clothing that characterized early 2000s fashion; within RBD, this style of dress was also present in actors like Christopher Uckerman (Diego Bustamante), Sweet Maria (Robert Brown), Alfonso Herrera (Miguel Arango), Christian Chavez (Giovanni Mendez), Beatrice Shantal (Paul) and Maite Perroni (Lupita Fernandez).

At the end of 2021, Anahí was seen wearing this outfit and a green screen in the background; However, in the description of her Tik Toks, the actress limited herself to writing “I’m back”; At that time, she did not specify if she was participating in any promotion of the RBD remake or if she had decided to relive the nostalgia for her collaboration with Moderate.

Since last December 1st, Anahí confirmed on her Twitter account that the collaboration with the band moderate It would mark his return to the music scene. Once it was released Our love, The fans of the actress did not hesitate to praise this new version.

This was the background chosen for the new version of Nuestro Amor (Photo: YouTube/Moderatto)
This was the background chosen for the new version of Nuestro Amor (Photo: YouTube/Moderatto)

can we talk about how Moderatto has not lost its essenceI listen to them the same and with the same magic as when I was 15 years old”, “It will never lose its magic, always with its light, always magical, always unique and special.” and “It reminded me of 12 years ago, what good memories with RBD!!” were just some of the comments on Moderatto’s YouTube channel. In addition to the Mexican fans, Anahí’s Portuguese-speaking followers were also present.

On January 5, the new version of Rebel on the Netflix platformalthough this caused the annoyance of the most nostalgic fans, Sweet Maria commented that in reality, she perceived the project as a tribute to RBD.

Netflix Rebel
This is the cast of the remake of Rebel on Netflix (Photo: Instagram/@soyrebeldenetflix)

“(It gives me) like a lot of nostalgia. Finally it is like a tribute and you always have to wish them the best because ourselves, that is Rebelit was a remake of Rebel way” , the actress commented before the cameras the program program Today. Similarly, part of the promotion campaign for this version included taking advantage of the multiple reviews of the new cast.


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