This is how the presenters of Suelta La Sopa of the Telemundo show said goodbye

Suelta La Sopa came to an end after 8 years of being on the air through the screens of Telemundo. A few months ago the television channel had announced the end of the program.

Suelta La Sopa positioned itself as one of the most sought-after Latino entertainment programs in the Hispanic world in the United States and its end finally came after 8 years of continuously reaching a large number of audiences, exclusives, interviews, controversies and stop you from tell.

After leaving the screens of the gossip program, the presenters dedicated some emotional words to the show with which they accompanied Latino families for 8 years.

Jorge Bernal: 8 years, EIGHT YEARS! More than 2,000 programs and countless moments that I will never forget. We matured, we grew, we evolved, we put on a little botox and today we are all better people inside and out. We laughed, we fought, we loved each other and we made history together. Thanks to you who saw us, who were part of our family, thanks to the famous who got married, those who got divorced, those who carried a friend on the beach, those who grew their family, those who were born during these eight years , those who are gone and those who misbehaved and gave us something to talk about. Infinite thanks. See you around the corner.

Juan Manuel Cortés: Eight wonderful years in the air, which fill us with happiness, which brought us many blessings, which taught us so much … The program ends and we go out with our heads held high, with the happiness of having become the number one program, the benchmark in the world of entertainment … Now we will start new adventures, the best is yet to come and I ask God to allow me to have a lot of divine inspiration to choose the next step in my career. Thank you @carlosmesber because you were that engine, that enthusiasm that made possible that this presentation that I designed and wrote, after planning it with you, was finally accepted and became a reality. Thank you Carlos for so many wonderful experiences shared

Aylin Mujica: I can only say THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU! for this wonderful opportunity to belong to this project. @sueltalasopatv comes to an end but I take away beautiful experiences and unforgettable memories. We will continue to see each other, once again thank you for tuning in day by day and for all the support you gave us.

Alex Rodriguez: Thank you for opening the doors of your house to us and for letting us keep you informed and entertained. Goodbye family of @sueltalasopatv!

Lucho Borrego: Now if #chaopescao thank you for your love these years and we’ll see each other soon …

Karla Gomez: THANK YOU wonderful team @sueltalasopatv !!! I learned a lot from you, thank you for so many good times and so many smiles !!! There are so many people missing from this fabulous team in the photo, the rest of Miami, Mexico and Los Angeles, New York, etc. The pandemic did not let us all leave here but they stay in my heart ALWAYS.