This is how they exposed Shakira doing playback in live presentation

Shakira is one of the biggest names in the entire music industryas it is supported by its almost 30 years of experience, venturing into different genres and being successful in each of them.

However, it cannot be denied that, throughout her artistic career, the interpreter of “Que me quedes tú” has starred in some embarrassing situations, such as the one that happened to her and was exposed in a video.

It was at the end of the 90’s, when the famous musician boasted of his abundant black hair and the album “Pies Descalzos” was beginning to sound throughout the world, having successful singles like “I’m here”, “Anthology”, ” Where are you Love?” among others, the singer would be invited to a program broadcast on television to talk a little about her most recent musical project and interpret one of them.

It seems that the beautiful Shakira never imagined that she would be shown on television due to an oversight, because once the interview was over, the hosts asked her to delight the audience by singing “Bare feet, white dreams”.

Shakira doing playback

It turns out that the Colombian Shakira begins to grab the rhythm, being a pop-rock song, the vibrant waves took over her, wearing a very simple turquoise blue sweater and black dress pants, the lyrics start, the public enjoyed the song , drivers happy to have her as a guest, everything looked great.

But then the arms of the interpreter of “Si te vas” went to the rhythm of the single and accidentally hit the pedestal that holds the microphone, causing it to fall to the ground, the artist’s face reflected a bit of sorrow, as it revealed that really, he was not singing live.

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The singer was harshly criticized

The singer was harshly criticized

It is not for less that the criticism of the viewers was not as harsh as expected, since many came out to defend Shakira, reporting that they already knew that in live programs, the artists never sing live, they put tracks so that nothing It can go wrong, that’s why they didn’t end the Colombian with bad reviews or hate.

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