This is how Toni Costa boasts of his ‘steel abs’

The Spanish choreographer and dancer Toni Costa published some sensual images on his Instagram account in which he shows off his abs of steel.

The former partner of Adamari Lopez who currently maintains a sentimental relationship with the Mexican Evelyn Beltran, who recently boasted about the romantic visit they made to Puerto Rico, He dazzled his Instagram followers with these images in which he seems to be sweating on his flat and toned abdomen.

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According to what is seen in the background and the text that the Spanish adds, the photographs could have been taken in a gym in the city of Miami. After showing his “abdominals of steel” little Alaïa’s father received some comments from the followers he has on that popular social network.

“Gentleman, you are a serious temptation.”

“My dear Toni, as you are a supportive human being, please send me even a small square to accompany my passion fruit ice cream, which combines incredible”.

“It is good the changes in everything Blessings”.

“Beautiful that he put on after so much training; the good life and happiness came to him at his best time”.

“Good job!! You are getting good results! Congratulations”.

“Wow… That picture turned out really well.”

Toni Costa currently enjoys having a relationship with Evelyn Beltrán that was confirmed after weeks of rumors. The new couple will soon have to face a great challenge because the Spanish will be part of the second season of La Casa de los Famosos and they must be separated during the time that Costa is inside the house in which the cameras will record everything he does 24 hours a day.

Telemundo has already begun to reveal who are the personalities that will be inside the house. Niurka Marcos and Luis ‘Potro’ Caballero have been confirmed so far.

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