This is serious! Clarissa Molina shares a “bad reputation” with her boyfriend’s daughters and family

This is serious!  Clarissa Molina shares a “bad reputation” with her boyfriend’s daughters and family

Clarissa Molina celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday with his daughters and his family.

Photo: David Becker. / Getty Images

As we have already told you, the relationship between Clarissa molina and her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra it continues to advance by leaps and bounds despite its bad reputation. She has simply ignored those accusations and continues to publicize her love. Recently She went to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday and shared with two of the three daughters that the music executive has and with other relatives of him in a tremendous party.

Vicente Saveedra He is a man who likes the luxuries to all give. Just by walking through his Instagram account you can see how well he lives and enjoys his free time. For a few weeks, Vicente Saavedra has a relationship with the reporter from The fat and the skinny, Clarissa molina. The same one who has also published her new life of luxury: yachts, private plane, champagne and more. But also, Clarissa Molina has taken time to meet her boyfriend’s family and celebrate with his daughters the new return to the sun by Ozuna‘s manager.

Nevertheless, Vicente Saavedra It has a very bad reputation as we mentioned. Let us remember that Hilda Rodríguez, mother of the late singer Kevin Fret, blamed the music producer along with Ozuna of being involved in the physical disappearance of your child. Both testified at the time before the authorities. But Clarissa molina seems to ignore it and continues with their relationship. Just the presenter of Univision released the news that she had a boyfriend and that he had given her a ring and everything, many began to find out who the new beau of the beautiful Dominican woman was.

To these accusations of the boyfriend of Clarissa de Molina, are added those of his former partners on the alleged violence he would have exercised Vicente Saavedra against two of the mothers of his daughters. Apparently, according to the newspaper Primera Hora, the ex-girlfriends of Ozuna’s manager is an abuser and that, at some point, they felt persecuted and feared for their lives. But, apparently, Clarissa Molina does not make any noise at this news and is more serious than ever with her relationship and her beau. The public photos of Vicente Saavedra with his family in the same place that he was celebrating with Clarissa Molina are the perfect example of this.

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