This is the beautiful and luxurious house of Ingrid Coronado

the tv presenter ingrid coronado47, has been on everyone’s lips in recent days due to the recent problems he has had in the lawsuits with his ex-partner Fernando del Solarwho passed away on June 30.

The also actress and singer, currently lives in a very nice and cozy house, which she has shown us through social networks.

The property is very spacious and elegant, as we have seen in its photographs and videos.

The beautiful house of Ingrid Coronado

  • Kitchen

The beautiful house of Ingrid Coronado

Her kitchen is striking for its white walls and for being equipped with gray cabinets, stainless steel appliances and a bar that she uses to prepare her food.

  • Dinning room

The beautiful house of Ingrid Coronado

Its dining room is adorned with a gray oval table, green and gray chairs, gray furniture, various plants, a very original lamp and a very picturesque painting of a landscape.

  • Living room

The beautiful house of Ingrid Coronado

His living room combines gray and green tones in his armchairs and cushions. It has a series of shelves for your photos and for your decorative items, as well as a mirror made up of several circles of different sizes.

  • piano room

The beautiful house of Ingrid Coronado

In addition to having a knack for hosting shows and giving motivational speeches, Ingrid also has a certain affinity for music, and she shows it off with the wooden piano she has in a little corner of her property.

  • Bedroom

His bedroom is made up of a large bed with a gray base and a beige headboard, as well as a series of paintings, a mirror with a very original design and a television placed on a gray piece of furniture.

His bedroom is so large that it still has more than enough space for a small living room and an office made up of a glass desk and a very comfortable chair.

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  • Terrace

The beautiful house of Ingrid Coronado

Although she does not have green areas inside her home, that is not an impediment for Ingrid to be in contact with nature, since she provided her terrace with dozens of beautiful and colorful flowers and plants.

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