This is the disturbing movie on Amazon Prime Video with Naomi Watts

In September, Amazon Prime Video released some titles but undoubtedly, one of the most disturbing films has joined the catalog, starring actress Naomi Watts. On American Post News, we share with you what you should know about the movie.

This film has just been released on the platform, an American version of an Austrian movie, where a woman with a bandaged face has a distant attitude toward her children, which causes some fear of the little ones.

It is worth mentioning that the movie is by Matt Sobel, a version of a film released in 2015. This new tape presents some changes, but the story’s plot remains unchanged. On the other hand, a series was released in September, a project awaited by fans.

What is the movie that premiered on Amazon Prime Video?

This film is called “Goodnight, Mom.” It is about two twin brothers waiting for their mother’s arrival as she has undergone surgery and appears with a bandaged face. Still, she behaves very differently upon her return to her home in an isolated field.

The siblings begin to suspect that something is not right with their mother. The film’s trailer shows scenes of terror and suspense. Critics say that Naomi’s character conveys the role of a woman on the verge of madness.

What new releases are on Prime Video?

“13:14: The challenge of helping” is available on the platform

Users can enjoy some premieres that are already available on the Amazon Prime Video platform: “13:14: The Challenge to Help”, “Flight Risk”, “Licorice Pizza”, as well as several series such as “A Private Affair,” although some of them will be released this week.