This is the Florida house of Rafael Araneda, the charismatic presenter of ‘Enamorándonos’

This is the Florida house of Rafael Araneda, the charismatic presenter of ‘Enamorándonos’

The Chilean presenter Rafael Araneda, 52 years old, UniMás ‘Enamorándonos’ host, has lived for a few months, together with his family, in a beautiful house in Weston, Florida.

The residence, as himself has shown, has all the necessary comforts to lead a quiet life, without great luxury. Security is one of the points that matters the most, because it was something that they needed a lot in their native country.

“We had several unpleasant episodes and one of the things we based our decision to come here was because of that. Unfortunately, our country is very insecure ”, admitted the Santiago de Chile native in an interview with Pelle Home magazine.

The residence, a rented two stories building, was decorated by Marcela Vacarezza, his wife, passionate about interior design and adapting her spaces to her tastes.

“I am very clear about my style and I have never worked with a decorator. I don’t know about styles, I only know that I like colors, I love wood, that the house is warm and welcoming,” stated Marcela.

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From what we could see in a visit made by the “De Tú a Tú,” the house has a lobby area, a kitchen, a breakfast room, a dining room, a living room, a main room, among other rooms.


The hallway, where the tour began, includes a mirror with a silver frame, a cabinet for plants, as well as a vinyl of a dry tree and a very original painting with a gray background and golden geometric figures.

Kitchen room

The kitchen, typically American, is open and somewhat spacious. It is equipped with a white cupboard, with stainless steel appliances and the inevitable central island for preparing food.

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Dining room

The dining room, which is located between the kitchen and the main room, has a chocolate-toned table for eight people. The room is completed by a chandelier and a vintage-style piece of furniture, in which the family keeps the dishes they use on special occasions.

Dining room

Its dining room includes a rectangular table with four gray chairs in the headboard area and two elongated benches at the sides. It also has some works of art and an extremely original design lamp.

Although it is not exactly very spacious, the room was decorated with two mirrors, which helps to give it more space.

Waiting room

The living room, located just to one side of the lobby, emcompasses gray armchairs, a wooden coffee table with a very original design, as well as a carpet that combines red, white and black tones.

Living room

The main room is, without a doubt, one of the spaces most enjoyed by Rafael and his family, as it has a very comfortable modular sofa in gray tones, two chairs, a coffee table, various paintings and a television set against the wall.

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Master bedroom

The master bedroom has a large bed with gray bedding and headboard, with a dressing room style dresser, with a colorful carpet, with a dressing room and with its respective bathroom.


In the terrace area they have various outdoor furniture, as well as an area to prepare exquisite barbecues, which are enjoyed to the maximum by Rafa, Marcela, as well as their children, Florencia, Vicente and little Benjamin.


The garden enjoys very beautiful green areas, a swimming pool with its respective spa area, a Jacuzzi and a beautiful view of a spring.

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