This is the house in Puerto Rico of Osvaldo Ríos, the ex who broke Shakira’s heart

Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Rios61 years old and who several decades ago he broke Shakira’s heart to let her stand out in her musical career, she has a very nice house in San Juan, Puerto Ricowhich he boasted during the most critical stage of the pandemic.

The also singer, who is nominated to leave ‘The House of Celebrities 2’has led us to discover, through his Instagram account, various details of the cozy home he has on the island where he was born, although he has also shown us the life of luxury that leads in Miami, Florida.

Apparently in various postcards and videos, his home stands out for its antique furniture and decoration, which suggests that he likes to preserve the goods that belonged to his ancestors.

His house is also notable for its musical instruments, which have a very important place in his life and in his artistic career.

Its kitchen is semi-closed and somewhat spacious. It is equipped with a white cupboard, stainless steel appliances and a central island that is used to prepare exquisite Puerto Rican dishes.

Your TV room is made up of a large wooden cabinet, a flat screen, various decorative items and all kinds of devices to have a night at home as if you were at the movies.

Her bedroom, which is the favorite little corner of her followers, is made up of a large bed with a rustic wooden headboard, two nightstands, a dressing table with a mirror, various paintings, a small cross and even a dream catcher. .

The garden area is made up of a swimming pool with its respective spa area, statues, as well as various plants and trees, with the palm trees taking the spotlight.

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