This is the house of his ex, María Fernanda, where Christian Nodal spent February 14

In the last days Christian Nodal Y Belinda they have monopolized the covers and programs of Spanish-speaking shows for their breakupbut also for everything that has happened since then.

After confirming their separation, it was revealed that the interpreter of ‘Adiós Amor’ spent February 14 at the house of María Fernanda Guzmán, his exwhile Belinda was on a trip to New York.

As seen in some pictures, Nodal traveled to the community of Tapalpain the Mexican state of Jalisco, to reunite with his ex-brother-in-law, with whom he has a very good relationship.

“While she was in New York, the Nodal boy went to Tapalpa, where the ex-girlfriend lives and went to see the ex-brother-in-law because he is a close friend of the ex-brother-in-law. There is a tantrum in the middle”, commented the presenter Pati Chapoy in the program ‘Ventaneando’.

The house that Nodal visited has all the luxuries and comforts that we can imagine, as we have seen in some of the images published by María Fernanda on her social networks.

Dining room

His dining room exhibited him in one of his usual selfies. The room is made up of a table with space for 12 off-white chairs and a highly original design lamp.

Living room

In a selfie, which shows her wearing a pink outfit, the daughter of former soccer player Daniel Guzmán allowed us to see part of her room.

The room is made up of a gray modular sofa with yellow and white cushions, a wooden coffee table, two off-white chairs and a pot with its respective plant.

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