This is the house of Juan Vidal, the new and ‘young’ boyfriend of Cynthia Klitbo

The Dominican actor Juan Vidal, 44 years old and who in recent weeks confirmed that he had a romantic relationship with Cynthia klitbo, has taken us to know different corners of his home through the videos and photographs he has shared on his social networks.

The one born in Santo Domingo, who is 10 years younger than his new conquest, lives in a house in which there are no luxuries, his stone fireplace being one of his favorite corners, as it is there where he makes a large part of his materials. .

Kitchen room

In addition to its fireplace, it has also led us to know the intimacy of its kitchen, which is not exactly very spacious. This room is equipped with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Dining room

His dining room is made up of a rectangular chocolate-tone table, five off-white chairs and a coach chair, which is usually used by the soap opera heartthrob when receives a visit from her little daughter, Natalia, who was born as a result of his relationship with Natali Acosta.

Living room

Your living room is made up of a gray modular sofa and a ceiling fan, which is your best ally during the hottest months of the year.


Juan Vidal’s bedroom has a large bed and a chocolate-colored headboard.

He also has a cabinet for his television, an open closet and a full-length mirror, in front of which he puts the finishing touches before going out to conquer the world.


In addition to his bedroom, Juan Vidal has also shown us his bathroom with a photograph that shows him practically naked.

Thanks to that postcard, which circumvented the censorship of Instagram, the former Miss World contestant allowed us to notice that his bathroom has a sink, a toilet and a shower with a transparent screen.


Outside his house he has a small terrace with a circular garden table that he uses to put his flowerpots, although from time to time he also does his breakfasts or other tasks there.

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