This is the house that Ivonne Montero got rid of before entering ‘The House of Celebrities 2’

The actress Yvonne Montero48, who on Wednesday received his first nomination in ‘The House of Celebrities 2‘, he said goodbye a few months ago to the beautiful house that she shared with Antonella, her little daughter, in Mexico City.

The property, which she herself showed off to us in multiple videos, was very comfortable, but, for one reason or another, she considered that the time had come to part with it to have a new start on the beaches of Cancun.

“See you soon my dear house. Nine years in which I have lived from the most beautiful illusion, the farewell of that dream and total happiness with the arrival of my baby Antonella. Thank you for welcoming us with that tranquility of a completely happy home, ”reads the description of a video posted on Instagram on June 2, 2021.

The house, which was distributed over two floors, not only drew attention for its size and its huge interior fountain, but also for its colorful walls.


Her kitchen was open and not very large. It was equipped with a white cupboard, stainless steel appliances and a bar to prepare food, but it could also function as a breakfast bar.

Dinning room

His dining room, located just to one side of the kitchen, was made up of a wooden table with chocolate-colored chairs with red details, as well as various paintings and shelves, which attracted attention due to their reddish tones.


Under the stairs that connect to the second floor there was a cellar and a bar, where Ivonne surely loved to prepare some delicious cocktails.


Ivonne is a lover of exercise and keeping fit, so she decided to set up a small gym in her old home.

In addition to using it as a gym, that space was also used by the celebrity as a dance room.

  • makeup room
  • Her makeup room, which could actually be a third bedroom, she showed off to us in the days leading up to her move. He had a dressing room style dresser, with a dresser, with a single bed, with a couple of nightstands and with various paintings that showed his successful career and his taste for modeling.

    main bedroom

    The main bedroom, which combined gray and white colors, was made up of a large bed, a gray headboard and base, as well as a full-length mirror.

    Antonella’s bedroom

    9-year-old Antonella’s bedroom was painted purple and pink. She had a large bed with a coffee-colored headboard and lilac bedding.

    Although initially he planned to rent it semi-furnished, everything seems to indicate that he ended up selling it.

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