This is the house that Nacho Casano will return to if he is expelled from ‘The House of Celebrities 2’

Argentine actor and model Nacho Casano41, could become the first eliminated from ‘The House of Celebrities 2’after receiving a total of 22 votes against in the first nomination, which put him on the table along with five other inhabitants, among which stand out Tony Costa Y Laura Bozzo.

In case the audience does not forgive him for the ‘sexist comment’ he made about the Brazilian Julia Gama and that infuriated his fellow adventurers, the one born in Buenos Aires could spend Monday night away from the famous house located in the neighborhood of Santa Fewest of Mexico City.

Contrary to several of the celebrities that are part of the reality show, who will have to take a flight to return home, Nacho would only have to take his vehicle and drive about half an hour to get to the beautiful apartment that he owns in the neighborhood of Naplessouth of the Mexican capital.

His home, which he shares with his three dogs, has all his style, with an important collection of mates and even his own vegetable garden.

Dining room

Its dining room, located next to the kitchen, has a chocolate table and chairs with gray details, as well as a painting that decorates its white wall.


His living room, located just below the staircase that connects to the second floor, is made up of gray sofas, a glass coffee table and a painting of a colorful tree.


Living in an apartment was no reason for Nacho Casano to lose the figure that characterizes him so much during the closure of gyms due to COVID-19, having managed to set up a fairly complete gym in one of his rooms.

From his gym he has access to a bathroom, where he can take a shower after finishing his exhausting day of exercise.


Her bedroom is made up of a large bed without a headboard, as well as a full-length mirror and a chocolate-colored bookcase where she has some books and all kinds of decorative items.

His bedroom is completed by wooden nightstands, a wall-mounted television and a desk with its respective office chair.

Vegetable patch

His vegetable garden, set up in the balcony area, is one of the star spaces of his apartment, as it is very well organized and cared for.

From your balcony you have beautiful views of Mexico City, being able to appreciate in the distance the majesty of the World Trade Centerone of the most emblematic buildings in the city.

Do you think that Nacho Casano will already sleep on Monday in his apartment in Naples or are you one of those who think that he will still spend several nights in ‘The House of Celebrities 2’?

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