This is the largest Sapphire in the world. Where did you find it?

Gemstones always create a fuss, because they are not only beautiful but also very expensive. Now, jewelry lovers are in “shock”, since they have discovered the largest corundum sapphire in the world. Here’s what it looks like!

This stone could usually be purple, yellow, blue, and even transparent.

Previously we told you that Kate Middleton wore a jewel of this precious stone. However, now we will show you what one of these looks like in a large size.

Where did they find the largest Sapphire in the world?


This precious stone was found in the south of the island of Sri Lanka, in the mines next to the city of Ratnapura, a place already famous for accumulating these rocks, never seen elsewhere on the planet.

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After its discovery, the stone was named the “Queen of Asia.” According to experts, it has an irregular surface, under which it could preserve cleaner areas.

The gemstone received a blessing

The natural blue “Queen of Asia,” weighing 310 kilograms, was displayed 40 miles south of Colombo, the most populous city in Sri Lanka, at the home of a gem owner from Horana.

It should be noted that before the rock was shown to the world, it was blessed by a Buddhist monk. It looks shocking!

This reminds us of when Kate modified Lady Di’s sapphire earrings.

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