This is the mansion that Drake is buying from Robbie Williams

This will become Drake’s first property in Los Angeles

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

the rapper Drake is ready to buy his first mansion in Los AngelesCalifornia, and plans to make it through the front door with a 25,000-square-foot residence.

Although the purchase is not official yet, Drake would pay fellow musician Robbie Williams the large figure of $50 million dollarswhich would be much less than the British initially expected.

These negotiations are being done outside of the real estate market; however it is known that Williams expected to receive $80 million for the property he bought in 2015 after paying $32.67 million.

Williams bought this huge property from another personality, but not from music but from fashion, since the $32.67 million dollars went to the co-founder of Guess, Armand Marciano.

The mansion was built on nearly three acres of land/ The Grosby Group

Drake in the days to come you can have at your disposal 25,000 square feet distributed in 10 rooms, 22 bathrooms, hall, dining room, living room, kitchen, cellar, gym, game room, professional projection room, elevator and other amenities. The property’s garage has capacity for 11 cars.

Being a sale that is taking place outside the market, there are no photos of the interior of the mansion.

this mansion was built on a nearly three acre lot Therefore, in addition to the main house, its new owner will also be able to enjoy extensive green areas, a mosaic swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen and a tennis court.

The property has extensive green areas / The Grosby Group

Although this will become Drake’s first property in Los Angeles, it is not the most impressive one that he owns, since in his native Canada, has a 50,000 square foot mansion.

Robbie Williams also recently managed to sell a mansion he owned in the UKwhich was for sale for more than 10 years.

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