This is the mansion that Wanda Nara will get rid of after Mauro Icardi’s infidelity

The Argentine cheerleader Wanda nara, 34, who recently reconciled with Mauro Icardi after discovering him in an infidelity with the China Suarez, decided it was time to turn the page and get rid of the imposing mansion they had in France, where they lived in the company of their children.

According to journalists Ángel de Brito and Juan Etchegoyen, the presenter was also seen taking her luggage out of the luxurious house that they rented in Paris, so it would be a matter of days or weeks for them to change residence.

“There are moving trucks at the door of Wanda Nara’s house,” said de Brito in the program ‘Los Angeles de la Mañana’.

The move of Zaira Nara’s sister was due to bad vibes that you have detected on the site since you discovered the infidelities of Icardi, so he would have chosen to give up material goods and do his best to try to rescue their relationship.

“What they did tell me is that the house where they are now is very beautiful, but after what happened there would be a strange energy, with which they would not want to continue living together,” Etchegoyen replied.

This is the French house that they will get rid of to revive the flame of passion


The couple lived since June 17, 2020 in an imposing house in the company of Francesca and Isabella, his daughters, as well as Valentino, Constantino and Benedict, the children that the presenter had with Maxi lopez.

“New home in Paris,” wrote the sister of Zaira nara in an image that shows her five children sitting around an outdoor table that they decided to place on their terrace and from which they have spectacular views of their green areas.

Kitchen room

Days later he showed us his kitchen thanks to some delicious pancakes that his two daughters prepared.

It is equipped with a white cupboard, with stainless steel appliances and a large center island that is used to prepare food.

Dining room

His dining room is made up of an oval-shaped table with space for eight dark-colored chairs, so he has more than enough space for all the members of his large family to eat together.

They also have there a single red armchair, a floor lamp and a spectacular garden view through a door.

Living room

Her living room, like several of the rooms, has a large mirror with a gold frame, where the showgirl also loves to take a portrait.

The room is made up of three comfortable brown sofas and a guitar with which Wanda and Mauro put their skill with this musical instrument to the test.

She has also shown us a second room, which is a true monument to the ego, having several photographs of her posing with great sensuality for the camera.


His bedroom showed them to us when he wore the costume that he decided to wear for Halloween before his followers, which allowed us to witness how large is the room that he shares with the Argentine National Team player.

Main bathroom

With a selfie in front of the mirror, the showgirl also allowed us to discover the intimacy of her bathroom and the bathtub where she takes relaxing foam baths.


Like every diva that she is, the one born in Buenos Aires has a very extensive closet, in which she keeps her most diverse outfits and footwear.

He also has a large mirror, in which he loves to model his underwear, as we could see in the most recent photo he shared on Instagram.


Its garden is very extensive and has enough space for the Paris Saint-Germain footballer to train, but also for his children to have a great time.

In one image, Wanda was shown tanning on a sun bed, while her children took a dip in an inflatable pool.


In addition to the inflatable pool, the family has another very good size cover, so that the seven members can enjoy it at the same time and without getting in the way.


Her figure of heart attack is not the work of chance, because, like her partner, Wanda is a lover of exercise and so she boasts in the very complete gym they have at home.

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