This is The Palm Bay Resort in Australia, where Julia Roberts and George Clooney recorded ‘Ticket to Paradise’

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are back together in a movie – Photo: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images.

Renowned actors Julia Roberts and George Clooney reunited in the film “Ticket to Paradise,” a romantic comedy directed by British filmmaker Ol Parker (‘Mamma Mia!’).

The film, which premiered a week ago worldwide, centers on a couple separated 25 years ago who meet again to celebrate their daughter’s wedding to a seaweed farmer in Bali. Both are against marriage.

Although everything takes place in Bali in the fiction, the covid-19 pandemic did not allow filming there, so the whole crew moved to Queensland, Australia. They used several beaches in the area, and some scenes were filmed at the Palm Bay Resort hotel.

This resort served as the home of Gede, the fiancé. To achieve a resemblance to Bali, some changes had to be made, and they also had to invest in constructing a seaweed garden on the shore.

The film’s director and his team always kept in mind that they wanted to make viewers want to travel when watching the film, so the locations were always very well cared for and, of course, chosen.

The Palm Bay Resort is located in Long Island, Whitsundays, Australia, and among its main features is its Bali-inspired decor, so it is not far from the reality of ‘Ticket to Paradise.’

Its stunning villas offer a breathtaking view of the Whitsunday Passage and the Coral Sea. There is also access to a dreamy private beach.

According to the resort’s website, the place can accommodate up to 60 people. They offer villas, suites, and rooms for everyone to choose the experience they want to live.

In addition to the rooms, this resort also offers a heliport, swimming pools, terraces, restaurants, a bar, and extensive green areas. One of the restaurants is located on a terrace by the sea, which is certainly an experience for anyone who can afford the trip.