This is the reason why the paws of our puppies smell like Cheetos

Recently, many social media users have generated a general query especially for those who have a dog as a pet.

these doubts they revolve around the peculiar smell that some Internet users manage to perceive in the legs of their dogs, since most manage to relate them with the smell of Cheetos brand chips.

However, today we will make clear the why many puppies have this unique scent on their paws.

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The peculiar smell of the paws of our pets

Its legs have a type of natural shock absorber It is a completely normal biological reaction

After a networking dialogue has started about the peculiar smell of Cheetos what do they have puppies on paws, for many it was something obsessiveeven though for others it is a lack of hygiene.

As everyone knows, dogs have this peculiar shaped like tiny mattresses on the soles of its legs, however this kind of sole serves as protection for them.

According to specialists, among many of the curiosities that the legs of dogs have, this “sole” It’s conformed by grease, stretch fabric and keratin; Which together they are a powerful shock absorber that allows our pets, do your recreational activities.

Why do our puppies’ paws smell like Cheetos?

It is a completely normal biological reaction.

Now, to resolve this controversial question, we must make it clear that this odor is completely normal in all species.

Is about a combination of sweat and external elements that when in contact with a bacteria that live on the skin of our puppies called “pseudomonas” generate a chemical reaction that generates this peculiar aroma.

In a nutshell, something similar happens when our sweat comes into contact with bacteria on the skin and creates this bad smell in some humans.

So don’t worry if your dog’s paws smell like the famous Cheetos friesbecause It is something completely normal that will not affect your health or that of your tenderloin.

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