This is the sensual dress that Belinda and Dua Lipa used to show off their figure

Since his childhood, Belinda has made it clear that he likes fashion and glamorand with the years that have passed, she continues to demonstrate her passion for fashion and beauty, although fans noticed that she wore the same dress that the singer once wore. Dua Lipa.

And it is that, after the end of her romance with Nodal, the famous one has been very active on social networks showing off the trips she makes and the events to which she is invited. She recently attended the inauguration of the new Palacio de Hierro Coyoacán.

In that event, she decided to wear a sensual and tight black dress, the same one that the British used at an event in Paris of the Saint Laurent firm. It is worth mentioning that in American Post News We have shared the flirtatious looks of the singer that have exposed her beautiful figure.

Belinda and Dua Lipa wear the same dress

The singer wore a spectacular black dress The singer Dua Lipa showed off her stylized figure The singer is focused on her projects

Through social networks they spread the photographs of Beli with that black dress, a dress that is part of the Saint Laurent collection, a garment that has a plunging neckline and exposes the back.

The singer Dua Lipa showed off her stylized figure The singer is focused on her projects

Both Nodal’s ex and the British one looked spectacular, as each one put her style on the sensual black dress, as that garment highlighted the singers’ curves, although they preferred to use different hairstyles and makeup.

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Who is Belinda’s boyfriend 2022?

The singer is focused on her projects

After the separation with Nodal, the singer Belinda has not revealed if she has given love a new chance. In her recent posts on Instagram, she has shared some photo sessions, but has not hinted at a possible romance.

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